Raptors - a far more engaging name for birds of prey - are powerful, beautiful birds. All patterns are supplied as a full colour booklet with detailed step-by-step instructions including: which tools to use for each part of the design and images of detailed areas.
Raptor Patterns

Eagle Pattern

Size: 10 x 15 cm.

Tools Required: Parchment craft vellum, white pencil, black fine liner, embossing ball tools; extra-large,  large, small and extra-small, embossing mat, white wax.

Optional: Soft blue oil pastel for the background.

Price: £1.75


UK Postage £1.

Eagle Owl Pattern

Owls come to life when you colour their eyes in a really intense colour.

Size: 18 x 20 cm

Tools required: (Best results are achieved if Parchment Craft specific tools are used.) A5 parchment vellum, black fine liner, black felt tip (Such as Le plume), small ball tool (1.5mm), embossing mat, fine stylus, pencil crayons – yellow and orange.

Price: £1.75

UK postage £1.

Don't forget that all the parchment craft patterns can be downloaded from our sister site - Purely Parchment Craft

Sky Master Pattern

Smashing little pattern that's really quick for a last minute card.

Size: 13 x 8 cm

Tools required: Black fine liner, white pencil, small ball tool (1.5mm), large embossing tool (3.0mm), embossing mat, brown felt tip.

Price: £1.75


UK Postage £1.

Little Owl Pattern

Size: 13 x 10 cm

Tools required: Black Fineliner, Small ball tool (1.5mm), Extra small ball tool (1.0mm) Large ball tool (3.0mm), embossing mat, green pencil crayon and a yellow pencil crayon.

Price: £1.75

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