All patterns are sent to you as full colour instruction booklets with images of the completed pattern and detailed instructions to guide you through the creation process.

The pattern booklet is sealed in a resealable plastic wallet to keep it safe from spills. The wallets are slightly over sized so you can store cut out template pieces in them as well if you wish to do so.

Appliqué, sewing, cushion and felt patterns have separate template sheets inside the booklet. These are your master templates and should NEVER be cut out. Instead, trace the master templates on to a piece of standard printer paper and use that to create your project. By retaining the master templates you will always have a copy ready for next time without having to re-buy the pattern.

The parchment craft templates are integral to the pattern booklet and may be in the inside cover or on the central fold, depending on the size of template.

Some of the more complicated patterns use red templates. Red templates use red colouring to help you create fur or feathers through embossing, which is explained in detail in all the pattern books so you know exactly which tools to use for which parts of the design.

The red lines are never traced, they are only there as a guide and mostly show fur length and direction.

All patterns are carefully packaged and sent using first class royal mail. They are then shipped within 2 working days of payment being recieved. Please note I can't post patterns on a Saturday or Sunday. The parchment craft patterns are available to download from our sister site Purely Parchment Craft - but the sewing patterns are currently only available as a solid item.

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