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So you've seen this tab, and you think parchment craft might be the creative venture for you, but what is parchment craft, what do you need to get started and what sort of things can you make with it?

Below is a series of articles to help you get to the bottom of parchment craft and decide if it's the craft for you. For me personally parchment craft was the very first paper craft I really developed an interested in, it's what opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of paper - so I think everyone should have a go :) 

But, What is Parchment Craft?

At its most simple, parchment craft is deforming a special type of vellum paper to create a pattern. You use tools such as little metal balls on sticks and tiny needles to transform a boring sheet of vellum into a beautiful work of art.

And parchment craft is art. It can be used to create stunning lifelike images and fascinatingly intricate lacework that looks beautiful displayed in any home.  

What do you need to get started with Parchment Craft?

Start small and only get the tools that you really need. Usually a white pencil, black fine liner, an embossing/piercing mat, and three different sizes of ball tool (extra-small, small and large) will suffice. If you are looking to start lacework then you will also need a mesh grid and a fine 1-needle tool.  

Branding doesn't really matter, some crafters swear by pergamano while others will only use PCA (Parch Craft Australia) , at the end of the day it's up to you. The only branded product I use is pergamano parchment craft vellum – just because I trust the quality.

I know all the different tools can be complicated and the trick is to find a pattern you really want to have a go at – then get the tools that you require. Start building your collection that way so you don't buy any tools you don't use.

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