How to Make a Square Template from Paper for Applique Work.

Sometimes in the list of items you need for an applique pattern it might say something like – you will need (2x) 6x6 inch pale blue material. You've got the pale blue cotton, that was the easy bit, but how do you cut it down to 6x6 inches?

To make a square template from paper you will need

  • Standard copier or printing paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

The first thing you need is a sheet of paper, any spare bit will do so long as it has straight edges – copier paper or normal printing paper is fine. You could even use newspaper if you're desperate, just make sure the ink doesn't get onto your material.

Measure from one corner down the side of the paper and mark the 6 inch line with a pencil, shown as crosses on the diagram below. Now measure down the opposite side of the paper and do the same.

Then using a ruler draw a line between the two marks – the dotted line on the diagram below. Cut along this line with a pair of scissors.

Repeat this with the other side of the paper; measuring, drawing then cutting along the six inch line.

The square you have remaining is exactly six inches for you to pin to a piece of fabric for cutting out.

This guide can be used to create any size of square or rectangle. If you are making a rectangle make sure you mark which side you have cut, otherwise you may cut the same side twice. 

How to Cut a Template From Paper Diagram.

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