Parchment craft patterns in fantasy designs. All patterns are supplied as a full colour booklet with detailed step-by-step instructions including: which tools to use for each part of the design and images of detailed areas.
Fantasy Parchment Craft Patterns

Pegasus Pattern.

Size: 12 x 16 cm

Tools required: White pencil, Parchment craft embossing tools: Extra small (1.0mm), small (1.5mm), Large (3.00mm) and Extra Large (6.00mm), soft embossing mat.

Price: £1.75


All patterns can be posted over seas. Or are available for download from here.

Nandina Pattern

Size: 13 x 16 cm

Tools Required: Parchment Craft Vellum, Sharp White Pencil, Embossing Ball Tools: Fine Stylus, Small (1.5mm), Large (3.0mm), Foam Embossing Mat, White Wax

Optional: Soft pastel pencil crayons to colour the dress and flowers in.

Price: £1.75


The Wisest Unicorn Pattern

Size: A5

Tools required: White pencil, small ball-tool (1.5mm), extra-small ball-tool (1.0mm), large ball-tool (3.0mm), extra-large ball-tool, embossing mat.

Price: £1.75


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