Downloading Patterns

Parchment craft patterns are available for free download through our sister site - Purely Parchment Craft - this uses a company called e-junkie to send a link to your email address so you can download the pattern to your computer. Sounds complicated but it couldn't be easier, and e-junkie will guide you through the process step-by-step.

If you do ever have any problems with the download site, and that's highly unlikely, I will send you the pattern through your email provider, so there's nothing to worry about.

Downloading is perfectly safe and a great way to get hold of patterns immediately without having to wait for the post man. All you need is a computer, an email address and a colour printer.

The download you receive is exactly the same as the posted pattern - same images, same instructions, and the same template. The only difference is you will receive files, rather than a booklet.

Not all patterns can be bought as a download. The sewing patterns require exact measurements in the templates which tend to be lost when the file is converted. For this reason all sewing patterns are only sold as a solid copy sent to you through the post.

But to compensate for this I'm trying to keep the postage as low as I possibly can.

Happy downloading,

Lozz :)

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