Can You Make Money Selling at Craft Fairs?

What started out as a simple hobby making cards or little decorations can quickly take a firm hold on your life, and there come a time in every crafters life when you ask yourself –

Can I Make Money Doing This?

Now, obviously not all crafters are out to make a profit and many people are happy selling their creations for the benefit of charity or just to make a few extra pounds on the side. But what if you want to take it a stage further and look at being self-employed running your own craft stall. It certainly sounds better than the daily rat race, right?

As a long time craft stall owner I feel I have to be honest here. First off you are NEVER going to make big money running a stall, in fact breaking even is seen as a plus to many stall owners.

The most I have ever made on a single day is £200 at a Christmas fair in Leicester, which sounds a lot but it took months to get the stock together and at the end of the day I could have earned more money working for a supermarket for a week. Running a craft stall is competitive, hard work and at times can be very frustrating. But it can also be hugely rewarding, you will meet some of the most incredibly diligent and generous people at craft fairs and these contacts can lead to bigger projects. Those who visit craft fairs are looking for someone like you, someone who has great products to sell and shows some initiative. Boutique shop owners, other craft stall owners and individual sole traders visit craft fairs to source new supplies for their own stores and a deal might be on the table if you have wares they are looking for.

This is rare, but it does happen.

The best way to look at craft fairs and stalls is to see them as a fantastic advertising opportunity, rather than a get-rich-quick incentive. Have lots of advertising material – business cards, flyers, personalised bags. Anything to get people remembering you and your wares so they come back for more. I certainly wouldn't bother with craft fairs until you at least have a website with an online shop to direct people to. It's these after-sales that make running a craft stall worth while. So you may not make any money on the day, but the stall helps to get more business in the future.

And as side note – Yes you can sell products made from my patterns on your own stall :)  

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